Adding MAT Generates Better Results For All Modalities, Creating More Repeat Business & Referrals for Your Practice

What To Expect

You Were Destined To Be A Leader In Your Industry.

Regardless of where you start in your journey toward becoming a Certified MAT Practitioner, we are excited to meet you, educate you, and hear about your successes in making an impact on your clients after introducing them to your new skillset.  

By the end of your certification, you will be able to differentiate the strength of your client’s subconscious muscle contractions by touch and address their muscular imbalances that are wreaking havoc on their systems as a whole. Let us help you get them back on track, doing what they love in order to improve their quality of life!



Get in the game as a MAT Certified Practitioner by starting with the MAT Specialist Lower Body module, and the progress your way to becoming a MAT Full Body Specialist. This is the first step to becoming a MAT certified practitioner.



Once you complete your MAT Specialist Certification, you can begin our Mastery modules. Our Mastery content expands on the skillset that you obtained in your Specialist level modules while advancing your ability to help your clientele.



MATRx is our elite program that is for the best of the best. Those looking to join this select number of practitioners must first complete their Specialist and Mastery Full Body Certifications. Only then can you level up.

Our Approach

We facilitate the highest level integration of Muscle Activation Techniques education opportunities around the globe and we inspire individuals every day as they work to bring a higher quality of life to their clientele.
We offer flexible certification modules to advance our practitioners understanding of the muscular system and its impact on body function as a whole.

MAT Creates Opportunities For

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists gain the ability to create a more customized treatment plan based on each individual client need. MAT helps Physical Therapists to make better decisions by utilizing MATs unique checks and balances system.

Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists get answers for their clients that have unresolved pain or chronic tightness. Adding MAT to their massage sessions enables them to find and focus on the muscles that not contracting efficiently and see results right away.

Athletic Therapists

Atheltic Therapists gain access to make immediate changes on their athletes function, on and off the field. MAT is utilized in many Professional Sports arenas and is an effective tool professional athletes rely on to extend their time at the top.

Exercise Professionals

Practitioners in the exercise field depend on MAT as a tool to help prepare, prevent, and preserve their clients muscular system to stay happy and healthy – all the while keep them coming back to training no matter their age or condition.

Planning Calendar

We offer multiple start dates per year in partnership with Broadview College. All new MAT students start in the Specialist Lower Body Certification Module. Check out our upcoming module starts in all levels of education offered by clicking into our planning calendar. We are excited to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

All healthcare professionals can benefit from MAT. Professionals that gain the most from our seminars include those that regularly treat chronic pain or soft-tissue/neurofascial/neuromuscular disorders, as well as those in the occupational or sports medicine fields.

Muscle Activation Techniques has created a premier partnership with Broadview College to deliver a direct pathway toward the MAT Certifications through a secure and convenient online platform. MAT modules have built in required virtual labs providing engaging educational content as well as a required on-site Exam Prep and Certification Exam (EPCE) for preparation and certification testing at the MAT World Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The EPCE is an exciting one day opportunity to network with peers, practice your new skillset with instructor feedback and then immediately test for MAT certification. Broadview College Admissions Representatives work exclusively with MAT students and practitioners on their needs as they consider and register for our online modules or degree program.

The AAS degree in MAT allows for transfer credit from other institutions. The evaluation of transfer credit from other institutions to Broadview College involves the following considerations:


• The educational quality of the institution from which the student transfers.

• The appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned to the student’s program at BVC in light of the student’s educational goals.

• The requirement that a minimum of 25 percent of total program credits must be completed at BVC in all certificate, diploma, associate of applied science and bachelor’s degree programs. You can refer to the BVC Course Catalog beginning on page 9 for more information about transfer credit including Military transfer credit.

• Have more questions regarding this topic? Connect with us at

The virtual lab and in-person practical Exam Preparation and Certification Exam (EPCE) segment of the modules are mandatory to attend. However, in the case of an emergency, we will do our best to try to accommodate you if you must miss a virtual lab day or the practical EPCE. Students are required to turn in proper supporting documentation to support their absence or mitigating circumstance.

Please contact us at (303) 745-4270 or email: for information on EPCE scheduling/make-up options.

The practical in-person Exam Preparation and Certification Exam (EPCE) is mandatory for the Specialist Lower Body, Specialist Cervical Hand & Foot, and all Mastery modules. The EPCEs for Specialist Upper Body and Specialist Trunk & Spine are optional. Please review the module requirements or connect with an admissions representative for more information on travel requirements.

Yes, please speak with an addmissions representative to discuss financial aid eligibility and payment plan options.

MAT makes everything simple so you can focus on delivering immediate results to your clients. All new MAT participants must begin with the Specialist Lower Body Module.  Request more and get started by clicking here.

If you are interested in more MAT content, check out Greg Roskopf’s latest published book, Jumpstart Into MAT! Click here to learn more and purchase today.

Yes. All MAT modules have manuals that work alongside your video coursework. These manuals are available

If you are interested in ordering a hardcopy, please reach out to with the module title you are interested in. You must be currently enrolled in the course or have previously taken the course in order to purchase these manuals.