Stay An Active MAT Certified Practitioner By Maintaining Your Education

MAT Practitioners, at all levels of certification, are required to complete continuing education to remain actively listed on the MAT website and to acknowledge they are maintaining their practical skillset.

Practitioner Status


We offer more control over your schedule so you can accomplish more, focus on new subject areas, and complete your certification on your time! Connect with us and learn about our options.


Whether you need flexibility to accommodate your work schedule, responsibilities at home, or extracurricular activities, we have continuing education options to keep you on track.

Coming 2022 - MAT Skills Assessment

The Annual MAT Skills Assessment

Practitioners will have the opportunity to validate their skill set by attending a skills assessment at the MAT Headquarters. 

Passing the assessment and providing proof of active insurance, will allow practitioners to remain listed on our website. If a practitioner does not pass the assessment, the results allow our testing instructors the opportunity to recommend an individualized education pathway to refresh the practitioners knowledge in the areas that need improvement.  

Our goal is to ensure all practitioners have the tools they need to maintain their skill set to the standards of their level credential.  

How To Get Back Into Active Status

Contact the MAT support team to find out how to get back into active status. Practitioners lose their “active status” if they allow their insurance policy to lapse and/or they do not keep up with their CECs year over year. Practitioners that are not compliant with insurance and/or CEC credits will be taken off the “Find a Practitioner” page on the website.