Continuing Education Is The Best Way To Keep Your Hands On Skillset Exact And Up To Date.

Continuing Education

Continuing education is the best way to keep your hands-on skillset exact and up to date with our most recent and revolutionary research. We have options for practitioners at any level, for those wanting to advance into an upper level certification to those wanting to refresh their current level certification concepts and skillset in order to remain an active practitioner.

Get Ahead

We offer more control over your schedule so you can accomplish more, focus on new subject areas, and complete your certification on your time!

Stay on Track

Whether you need flexibility to accommodate your work schedule, responsibilities at home, or extracurricular activities, we have continuing education options to keep you on track.

Catch Up

Full time job threatening your career goals to advance your skillset? Our admissions representatives can help advise you on your next steps.

How To Get Back Into Active Status

Contact support to find out how to get back into active status. Practitioners lose their “active status” if they allow their insurance policy to lapse and/or they do not keep up with their CECs year over year. Practitioners that are not compliant with insurance and/or CEC credits will be taken off the “Find a Specialist” page on the website.
Launching In 2022


Practitioners will be required to come to HQ for a yearly skill set assessment. If the practitioner passes this skills assessment, they will stay in active status and listed on our website. If the practitioner does not pass the skills assessment, the instructor will recommend a course they will need to complete in order to test again or remain in good standing.